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Spiritual Healing - Seeing Things Differently

Lesson 21 in A Course in Miracles is entitled “I Am Determined to See Things Differently.” This lesson is important in the healing process and in having a better understanding of the people or things that created emotional pain in our lives. Through understanding, we accept that we cannot change our past; through this acceptance, we begin to recover from our emotional injuries. Recovering from our injuries means we are taking steps towards forgiveness. Forgiveness releases us from most of the pain we carry, thereby lightening the burdens that hold us back from living in our purpose. Once we fully live in our purpose, we begin to move closer to Christ consciousness.

Students in A Course in Miracles are instructed to speak the following words, “I am determined to see _________ differently.” Students fill the blank with an unpleasant situation or the name of person they feel have caused emotional pain in their lives. The process is repeated several times throughout the day as thoughts of the unpleasant experience or person enters the mind and begins to create stress.

As we work towards seeing situations and people differently, we begin to understand things that created confusion and pain in our lives. We accept that our past has influenced who we are now; however, it does not have to negatively affect our present. Our acceptance helps us recover from our emotional pain and lead to a different understanding of who we are and what the situation or person meant to us. Recovering from our past allows us to release things to God that we no longer need to hold on to. Releasing is a form of forgiveness; the power our pain once had over us is no longer there.

“I am determined to see __________ differently,” are the words we can repeat to ourselves during moments of depression, anxiety, or stress. The words can be uttered silently, written down, or whispered in our spirit. We all deserve to experience the best life we were born to live. We must let go and allow ourselves the freedom we need to experience the best God has created on this beautiful Earth.

Namaste & God Bless.

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